Starting From Zero

Scheduled Maintenance

It’s been over half a decade since I set up this site and a great deal has changed in that time. Summer, 2019, feels like a good time to schedule a file system check.

When I first launched this site the focus initially was on the web and the ever-changing nature of designing for that medium. The web then, as it is now, was a maelstrom of change.

It was hard to keep up.

I still work on the web, but my focus has shifted ever further towards the front of it (UX /+ UI) and, often, further forward than that (strategy). Thankfully I still have the skills to maintain a POSH site.

The most visited page (anecdotally, I have no analytics, by intention) is A Non-Graceful Shutdown. That post, exploring the subject of mental health (specifically my mental health), resonated widely.

I had no idea it would touch so many people’s lives and I was delighted and honoured that it led to a nomination for Outstanding Contribution at The Net Awards. Truly, that was unexpected.

I’ll be writing about the intersection of technology and health and will once again do my best to be as open and honest as I can be. The web was built on view source.

This is my source.

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