Analytics Off

I started this project for personal reasons. I’m happy to share my thinking, and I think it’s important for me to do so, however, I don’t want to be driven (or sidetracked) by endlessly checking analytics.

Of course, analytics can prove helpful in the right context, but they can also prove a hindrance. Firstly, checking analytics takes time, time often better spent elsewhere. Secondly, it’s easy to get distracted from your true purpose by drifting towards trying to satisfy statistics, and chasing pageviews.

As my friend (and one of my graduates), Jordan Moore put it in his post of the same name: “Pageviews only feed the ego and that isn’t going to help me become a better writer.”

For that reason, I’ve opted to switch analytics off. It feels liberating, knowing I’ve one less thing to check, one less pressure to meet.

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