Starting From Zero

A Specific Period in Time

The fsck publishing schedule is leisurely to say the least. In 2,370 days, I’d written 10 posts, averaging a post every 237 days. So the site is hardly high volume.

The addition of this post – exploring HTML’s <time> element, which represents a specific period in time – brings the average post frequency down to a post every 215 days. Short of a massive acceleration of the publishing schedule, it looks as though time is in plentiful supply.

Over the past 2,372 days, however, the site has moved servers a number of times and from the moment I first moved from one host to another, I found myself wondering on what dates I’d published specific articles.

In an error of judgement when I started fsck, I neglected to include publish dates for each post (which I have now painstakingly reverse-engineered by parsing my BBEdit Backups).

In a spot of housekeeping that took approximately six months to find the time for, I’ve been exploring HTML’s <time> element and datetime attribute to translate dates into machine-readable format, allowing for better search engine results.

I’ve now included publish dates at the end of each article and will add these to the Table of Contents shortly (if only to underline the intensely infrequent publishing schedule of this site).

Table of Contents