Starting From Zero


When I embarked on this project a year ago, I fully intended to share my thoughts freely and frequently. It has been 365 days since I published anything.

The Weight of Expectation

My last post, A Non-Graceful Shutdown, opened the floodgates (and, in a sense, closed them, immediately afterwards). I was overwhelmed with the response to that post. I hadn’t expected it at all. The support I received was incredibly humbling and I am hugely appreciative for the many expressions of concern and offers of help. I can’t begin to articulate how important those words were to me.

Hardly a day has elapsed in the last year that I haven’t felt overwhelmed with the weight of expectation. My mind keeps circling, around and around, ever-pressed by an insistent feeling that – “I need to write something!” – and yet, the silence here has reverberated.

I’ve felt an intense pressure to puncture that silence. However, I’ve found it difficult to do so. Sometimes silence is for the best. It gives you a space to breathe.


Writing is incredibly important to me. It allows me the time and space to reflect, and to gather my thoughts. If you’ve met me, you’ll know I find it hard to stay silent for long. A year is more than enough.

I hope to reboot my writing, here, again. As before, I’m flying under the radar. It’s been quiet here for so long that I suspect most readers will have moved on to pastures new. If you’re still around, thanks for your patience, I’m looking forward to kickstarting the conversation once again.

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